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Party Supplies is located in Hawthorne, CA. Party Supplies is here to help the local areas of Hawthorne, Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Gardena and Palos Verdes, CA with all their party supply needs. Party Supplies has all the party supplies that you need in order to get your party started successfully.


Party Supplies is here to make sure that you get the party supplies that you need in order to have a great environment for your guests. Party Supplies is your go-to source for linen, tents, tables, dance floors, heaters, umbrellas and chairs. If you are planning to host a large number of people, then you will certainly run into the problem of not having enough equipment to comfortably supply them all.


Party Supplies is the number one supplier of tables and chairs. If you are ready to get your needs taken care of, then we are here to get you what it is that you are looking for. In many cases when someone is throwing a large party or celebration, it is difficult for them to actually find the right amount of chairs and tables that they will need to accommodate all their guests. When situations like these arise, we encourage you to contact us and we will be sure to get you all the supplies that you are in need of.

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